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Ninja Mug

The art of tea

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Stealth and cat like agility are needed in these dangerous times where warlords roam the land pillaging the innocent for their tea. But who can maintain such poise and concentration without food and drink? Sure meditation helps but nothing keeps you super alert like a good cuppa.

Deception was perhaps the main weapon of the ninja as these covert assassins relied heavily on the element of surprise. One of their lesser knows disguises was that of the tea merchant and this mug is perfect for covert attacks with it’s Shuriken coaster and spoon sword

The Ninja mask keeps your tea warmer for longer.

Comes complete with Shuriken coaster and spoon sword.
Colour Black
Size 8.5 cm dia
Height 9.5 cm
Depth No
Width No
Material No
Brand No
Weight 0.41kg