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Mugga Mug

"Gimme all your teabags, Please"

Mugga Mug
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  • Mugga Mug
  • Mugga Mug
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The mugga mug is misunderstood. All he really wants to do is to take back control of tea and coffee from the giant conglomerates that have saturated us with take-outs and throw away cups!! A good cuppa is meant to be enjoyed at home, and Mugga mug will stop at nothing to make sure this happens. He is the Robin Hood of hot bevearges!

Warning! Purchasing this product may result in missing tea bags and coffee granules as this mug will stop at nothing to get it’s filthy, tea stained ceramics on a hot beverage. So keep him sweet!

His balaclava disguise keeps your tea warmer for longer.
Colour Multi Coloured
Size No
Height No
Depth No
Width No
Material No
Brand No
Weight 0.33kg