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Iron Dad Mirrored Sign

he's not a billionaire playboy…but he is iron dad!

Iron Dad Mirrored Sign Front
  • Iron Dad Mirrored Sign Front
  • Iron Dad Mirrored Sign Angle
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You think that Tony Starks is a hero? Well yeah, he did save the planet from an alien invasion, amongst other death defying acts of courage. But where would he be without the helping hand of Jarvis? Who would take care of all his day to day demands?

Well Dad has to do all this and more and with no Jarvis (ok maybe Siri)! In fact, who saved you from the giant spider that crept into your room and still made your packed lunch? That’s right Dad, in fact, if anyone is a superhero it’s your Dad and all heroes need a name, and an acrylic name plaque.

So honour the extra-ordinary feats of perhaps the most unsung hero of them all….Iron Dad, with this expertly crafted acrylic name plaque that will not only let your Dad know he is appreciated, but will also look super awesome!

He might not be a billionaire playboy superhero…but the is your dad.

Made from 6mm (2 x 3mm) mirrored acrylic.

Height: 11cm

Width: 30cm

50% lighter than conventional glass mirrors.

Colour Red / Gold
Thickness 6mm
Height 11cm (110mm)
Width 30cm (300mm)
Material Acrylic
Brand FunBoxed
Made In Britain Yes