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Hammer of Thor Wall Light

Behold the light of Asgard!

Hammer of Thor Wall Light
  • Hammer of Thor Wall Light
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We have all seen Thor in action fighting the hordes of evil with his trusted hammer. His Demi-God strength and Asgardian accent are all very impressive but even Thor is prone to the odd blunder. A little known fact is that there is more than one Hammer in existence, in fact Thor’s tendency to misplace them is an ongoing joke in Asgard. The simple truth is that when he throws that bad boy out into a sea of villains sometimes it just doesn’t come back! Well it’s happened again and this thime Thor’s Hammer has become lodged in your wall! Now you could call Shield and explain or you could use it as an awesome wall light…your choice.

This officially licensed Hammer of Thor wall light is cordless and powered by batteries, and the Asgardian metal coating means that it never gets hot to the touch and you will never have to replace the bulbs.

Comes complete with crack sticker and mounting instructions.

17.75 X 15.25 X 28cm
Colour Multi Coloured
Height No
Depth No
Width No
Material No
Brand Marvel
Weight 20.00kg