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3D Basketball Wall LED Light

RRP £19.99 £12.99
High quality LED bulbs never get hot and never require replacing
Cordless design with discreet on/off switch
Crack sticker easy to apply to almost any clean, smooth and weather resistant surface
Requires 3 x AA batteries

Point 01 Tech Pen

This pen is the triple threat featuring an ultra-thin 4 GB USB stick (for liberating top secret documents), an integrated stylus (for using the touch screen without leaving fingerprints) and an actual pen (erhh…for writing).

iTake Camera 4/4S Case

RRP £9.99 £4.50
he new iTake camera themed iPhone case pays homage to the new wave of photographers with its stylish design. Now you can let the world know you’re a serious shutterbug.

Marvel Spider-Man 3D LED Wall Light

This officially licensed wall light is perfect for immersing your kids room (or your man cave) in the Marvel Universe and for reading the latest Spiderman comic issue or watching the latest film.

Marvel Iron Man Mask 3D LED Wall Light

Jarvis has been malfunctioning since Iron Man's foray into space and he keeps crashing into things including your bed room wall where his embedded helmet has now become the perfect wall light for Marvel fans young and old.

Captain America Shield Wall Light

This officially licensed Captain America wall light is cordless and powered by batteries, and the state of the art Shield® metal coating means that it never gets hot to the touch and you will never have to replace the bulbs.

Hammer of Thor Wall Light

This officially licensed Hammer of Thor wall light is cordless and powered by batteries, and the Asgardian metal coating means that it never gets hot to the touch and you will never have to replace the bulbs.

Parrot Minidrones Jumping Sumo

RRP £139.99 £119.99
  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
This is not just any drone, this drone can jump 80cm in the air, perform acrobatic tricks, u-turns, record and stream video and can even perform choreographed routines.

Parrot Minidrones Rolling Spider

RRP £89.99 £74.99
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
The Rolling Spider is possibly the most versatile and fun drone in existence, in fact, it is so much fun you may find yourself building an army of spider drones to do your bidding muhahaha!!

Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

RRP £299.99 £249.99
  • Jungle
  • Sand
  • Snow
The possibilities with this drone are endless from top-secret spy missions to acrobatic feats that defy gravity. The skies are, literally, at your fingertips.

Chef Tablet Stand with Touchpen

The Chef Tablet Stand will not only take the strain out of your favourite pasta dish but the included sturdy touch pen will ensure that your screen remains in pristine condition.

Sonus Speaker Charger

RRP £49.99 £29.99
Harness the power of the sun and dance while your charging your phone!

3D Football LED Wall Light

RRP £19.99 £12.99
Out of stock
Haven’t we all dreamed of scoring the last minute winner at Wembley, of the roar of the fans as you lift the cup, or the look on the wags faces as you sign a new lucrative contract (no just me?). Well that dream just got one step closer to reality with this 3D football light. Live the dream.

3D Tennis Ball Wall Light

RRP £22.99 £19.99
The day is drawing to a close, the strawberries and cream are finished and the last serve of the day was an ace on the Wimbledon Centre Court. Night is closing in and you turn on your 3D tennis ball lights – perfection.

3D Red Sports Car Wall Light

RRP £30.99 £18.99
Out of stock
The roar of the engine, the screech of the tires, the crash of the explosion as this classic sports car comes careening through your wall. On the upside it looks awesome and lights your room.

3D Blue Classic Car Wall Light

RRP £32.99 £24.99
So your sitting in your room when, bang, a car smashes through your wall! You stare startled as the dust settles when you realize it’s a classic car and it lights your room at the flick of a switch...Epic win!

3D Yellow Muscle Car Wall Light

RRP £32.99 £19.99
This car packs one heck of a punch, in fact so much that it has smashed through your wall. However, it has landed in a most convenient position so as to look awesome and light your room perfectly at the same time!

Tetris Light

RRP £29.99 £19.99
Out of stock
Ok lets be honest this is basically a light based on one of the worlds most popular games, and, yes, you can arrange the light in any combination you like and, yes, it did win Gift of the Year in 2013.

Rubik’s Cube Light

RRP £29.99 £19.99
The perfect remedy to those dark moments of doubt and despair when you think you will never match all the sides.

Transformers Autobot Light

RRP £14.99 £9.99
Out of stock
Designed using the latest in Autobot technology and made from rare military grade distressed metals, this light will sit perfectly on your bedside as you expose the latest government cover ups (or watch the latest Transformers film).

Ginkgo Solar Tree

RRP £114.99 £49.99
The Gingko charge your smart devices, doubles as a stand for your tablet and saves the world!

Classic Match Foosball

RRP £99.99 £59.99
The past and the future have combined and Classic Match Foosball has been born.