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Captain America Shield Wall Light

Let the light of freedom and liberty shine

Captain America Shield Wall Light
  • Captain America Shield Wall Light
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Don’t be fooled by his name, Captain America fights crime all over the world and it would appear that Hydra have infiltrated your street. During his epic battles, Captain America has been known to cause minor damage to the surrounding area and your room seems to have sustained some of this collateral damage. His famous shield has become embedded in your wall and in his haste, Cap, has left it behind.

You could attempt to remove it and wield its power to uphold justice or you could use it as possibly the coolest wall light in history…no brainer!

This officially licensed Captain America wall light is cordless and powered by batteries, and the state of the art Shield® metal coating means that it never gets hot to the touch and you will never have to replace the bulbs.

Comes complete with crack sticker and mounting instructions.

17.75 X 15.25 X 28cm
Colour Multi Coloured
Height No
Depth No
Width No
Material No
Brand Marvel
Weight 20.00kg